Supporting Indigenous Language Communities

The Australian Society for Indigenous Languages (AuSIL) is committed to serving indigenous language communities in Australia and the Timor region by assisting with Scripture translation, Scripture engagement, literacy, linguistic research and documentation, training, and the development of language resources. Our work began in Australia in 1961 and expanded to include languages communities in the Timor region in 2002. We are a not-for-profit organisation registered under the Associations Act in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Here is our 60 year promotional video:



Acknowledgement of country

We acknowledge the First Nations people as the traditional custodians of this land. We pay respect to all First Nations people, and we recognise and respect the rich heritage of language, culture and knowledge which has been passed down through the generations on this land. We also thank the First Nations people for the way they have cared for this land with respect and reverence.

We furthermore acknowledge God as the creator of this land, and pray that God will lead all Australians down the path of reconciliation as we seek to live together in unity and harmony.