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Education consultant shocked by Territory policies

AuSIL Press Release October 2009

Dr. Kimmo Kosonen, a multi-lingual education consultant with a PhD in Education from the University of Joensuu, Finland, was invited by AuSIL to share his expertise and views on current educational policies in the Territory.

 “From an educational standpoint, it is impossible that the current strategy of using Standard English for the first four hours as the sole language of instruction for those learners who are not first language speakers of English can achieve the desired outcomes, nor help these students reach the stated ‘benchmarks’ of educational achievement.”

Read more of the AuSIL press release (96 KB pdf)

Listen to the ABC radio interview with Dr. Kimmo Kosonen (7 MB mp3)

Shameless Use of Dodgy Data

In September 2010 Northern Territory Shadow Education Minister, Terry Mills, gave a press release saying the NT Government should explain why it used misleading data to justify its decision to stop bilingual education in Northern Territory schools. Download the press release (16 KB pdf)